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Looking to send money to Australia? Working with Money Transfer To Australia takes the time and hassle out of international currency transfers. Compare money transfer work with some of the world's leading currency brokerages to ensure clients receive the best possible exchange rates, accompanied by a safe, efficient and transparent level of service.

Currency in Australia

Coin denominations are 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c $1 and $2. Notes are $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100.

The currency in Australia is the Australia Dollar. The Australian dollar is divided into 100 cents where one and two cent coins are no longer in circulation.

Australian law provides that the TOTAL bill is rounded up or down to the nearest 5 cents. So $19.97 becomes $19.95, $19.98 becomes $20.00.

Send Money To Australia

Working with Money transfer to Australia is like a breath of fresh air. Compare money transfer offer better exchange rates than the banks, and we're a large, safe organisation, giving you options ensuring total security. Compare money transfer is constantly looking for new and improved ways of moving your money across borders and delivering the best exchange rate possible.

Compare money transfer are the first independent broker to offer Currency Options to individuals and smaller businesses - the banks generally only offer these products to large corporates

Currency Rate for Australian Dollar

1 GBP = 1.21330 EUR

1 EUR = 0.8242 GBP

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Transfer Money to Australia

There are many reasons people need to transfer funds to Australia, and the way in which this is handled will make a big difference to how far your money goes. Compare money transfers preferred brokers work closely with each client and make a point of tailoring the service around your individual requirements.

In addition Compare money transfer ensuring the best exchange rate for more immediate transfers, they can also protect you against negative exchange rate movements in the future.

If you are buying or selling Australian dollars Money Transfer to Australia will be delighted to put you in touch with a dedicated personal consultant who will be at hand to assist with any currency requirements you may have.

Money Transfer To Australia

Avoiding high street banks will improve your exchange rate to Australia and banks often charge additional service charges. One of the main issues with using a bank is that you need to have a bank account with them and in most cases bank counter staff are inexperienced when it comes to giving you advice when sending money to Australia.

With the foreign exchange companies listed on our site you will get a dedicated account manager to best advice you when doing money transfer giving you crucial market information before you make a decision in timing. Using our website you can see alternatives to banks with a cheaper money transfer to Australia from UK or sending money to Australia from USA.

Plus all the money transfer companies listed on this site are regulated by the UK FCA and have been carefully vetted by Compare Money Transfer.

Compare Money Transfer to Australia works closely with only the best foreign currency brokers, money transfer companies and banks that are able to offer a money transfer service online or by telephone. All providers offer a secure, safe and a better exchange rate to a bank. Why not see how much you can save by using the quick search feature to see how much you can save when sending money from Australia.

Live Australian dollar exchange rates

To access live Australian dollar exchange rates, you will need to open an account, for which there is no cost or obligation. You will receive friendly and experienced staff who will guide you through every step of the process, with one point of contact from start to finish. Australian Bank Charges Australian Banks may charge for incoming international transfers which range from zero to around $30, depending on the receiving and routing banks. Brokers have no control of these charges. If you need to send money to Ukraine instantly then see our list of money sending bureau, a service which transfer money in minutes and offers an international money transfer service to Australia.

Transfer Money to Australia

For Individuals

More InfoTransfer Money to Australia to pay for a property deposit, Book the rate of exchange to Australia in advance so you wont lose out if the exchange rate drops.

For Business

More InfoTransfer Money to Australia to pay business suppler and wages, get the best foreign exchange rates from Torfx when sending money to Australia.

Sending Transfers to Australia

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Are you buying property in Australia? Need to pay the deposit for the property in Australia, Compare money transfer providers that offer the option to secure a better rate. Make your money transfers to Australia even when paying a mortgage or your bills…

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